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Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we are not currently accepting new dates for weddings and other large events. Contact us to make safe protected arrangements for other projects you may have.

Time. It stops for no one. Or does it?

If it wasn’t for time
everything would have happened at once
and it would be all over
and there would be no memories.
There would be no stories to tell.

But time moves on
and our lives are rich through time,
and we have our special moments,
and we have our powerful insights,
and we dream amazing visions,
and we want to share,
we want to remember,
we want to create the future
and relive the special times anew.

Those special moments,
those special thoughts,
those experiences
indelibly etched in our memories
can be captured...
the stories told
and relived
and shared

if only we choose to do so,
if only we take the time
and keep it safe

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